Desktop version Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant

Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant homepage remake

I come across this Chinese restaurant which is around my neighborhood. And I check their website ( and they don’t have a responsive website. As a start, I will use this restaurant for my project (original webpage look).

First, I revamp their site but I found this site has a great potential to make it look more organized, cleaner, modern and most importantly to be responsive to nowadays market need.

So I decided to makeover their homepage.

Don’t like the top banner photo which you cannot really tell what it is and it is not very appealing to the visitor. I changed the color of red instead of black which elevate the taste of the Chinese culture and tile in their logo color. I did not use the building photo and I think I will use it on the contact page instead if I have the opportunity to work it.

One thing impresses me that about their site is the variety of photos which mostly I got from their site except the overview of the dim sum photo I use for dim sum menu section.

Here are my versions of their revamped site.

3 device screenshot
3 device screenshot
Desktop version Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant
Desktop version
Tablet version Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant
Tablet version
Mobile version, Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant
Mobile version