New logo of my identity
Last Name in Chinese 'Qin"
Last Name in Chinese writing. ‘Qin’ for pronouncing in Mandarin and ‘Chun’ for pronouncing in Cantonese

This is the journey of finding ‘ME’ –– my identity of 2T

— I have been on and off working on my own logo, try to find my own voice to sync with my logo. I tried to use my last name in Chinese which is cool.

It was eye-catching. I even added my Chinese Name stamp (I got it from my dad who went to a place in Hong Kong to get it custom made for me). So I use it on my design portfolio site. But for most people it may not be communicating that well and look quite formal.

Logo concept of Timothy Tsun with 2T
2T concept like a tire thread impression.

Then, I came to a chance to put up my work on Behance because I need to have one there to share portfolio for review in Adobe Live (#adobelive). That makes me to rethink my logo since the one on my own site is horizontal format and not work good with square/circle environment. So I tried to put ‘T’ and ‘T’ together like a tire thread, it was cool for a while, it is well-balance with figure/ground concept. But still it is not ‘really me’.

I came back to a ‘real drawing board’ which I drew on my sketchbook to draw, and look up what is the meaning of ‘T’ in alphabet through Wikipedia. Then, the word ‘tee’ comes to my mind, I can put a tee shirt icon as my logo but I think it will quickly relate to I am tee shirt designer.

logo sketches
Tee shirt symbol hand-drawn, then studying hand writing of ‘T’s


logo sketch of Ts
Logo sketch of Ts composition.

At this point, I try to combine two ‘T’s together, I have tried several ways.

New logo of my identity
The combination of TWO hand-drawn Ts.

But finally I house a small ‘T’ at the bottom of the big ‘T’ that way it follows the flow of the brush stroke of the big ‘T’ and I use white to highlight it (it is small but it still really recognizable its existence in this logo identity).

*Simplicity is always the key for identity. It involves a lot of back and forth problem solving. It is challenging but it is a good journey for a graphic designer.